June’s Review

Hello Friends,

Here we are in July! My goodness June went by fast. It must be true what they say, time flies when you are having fun. June was filled with a lot of fun things!

I released my Eat like a Gilmore Stitch marker set in the shop.

I finished up this lovely little baby gift.

I am ready for Fall with this cozy Triangle Tassel Scarf.

I started on my So Faded sweater. Loving it so far! I get a thrill everytime I see it grow a little more!!

Anne of Green Gables & May I have this First Dance

I’m still trying to decide when I want to fade into my next color. I’m thinking soon as I would like it to have that color go for a ways. I’m doing a mashup of the two sweater options. I want the longer sweater but 3/4 sleeves.

In June I also kicked off the official start to summer with my friend Naomi by cohosting a KAL on Instagram called Stash Dive. The intent is Dive thru the stash and knit those beauties up so we can stop feeling guilty about the other yarns we want to buy. It’s not to late to join in on the fun with us! You can find my other posts about it here.

July is starting off strong! It started with my posting my very first Podcast Episode!!! It was so fun and I am absolutely hooked.

Yarns from Bayview Fiber Arts and Pattern Grey Skies

I shared a story about what made me fall in love with these yarns and the pattern Grey Skies (which will be released next month) by Naomi Bruette!

The If the Crown Fits Sock Kit collaboration between Jessica of  Peachqueen Yarns and Laura of Laura Beth Knits was a great success! We sold all the kits in under a week! Thank you all who bought one!!

I have a couple of projects to cast on this coming week.

Top to Bottom: Sweet Like Candy, Rebel Rebel, Luke will you marry Me

These lovely yarns from The Yarn at Home Mom will become the Free your Fade Shawl.

Top to Bottom: Autumn in Portland, Buttermint & Autumn in Portland

This trio also from The Yarn at Home Mom are being used in a test knit for KniftyKnittings upcoming pattern called Daylight Fading. These yarns are perfect for fall!

I will be sharing more about these new knits in my next podcast!

Whew! A lot happened! And a lot of photos! Sorry if that was an overload but I live in a world of photography! I love capturing moments and feelings. That wraps up June’s review and Julys hopefuls.

What kind of plans do you have for July? We will be taking a little family/anniversary trip after next week. More about that later!

Happy Knitting,



Winding up for Summer

Hello Friends,

June is nearly over and I feel like it was just yesterday that it started. We are starting the second week of Stash Dive KAL! We have had a great intro so far. There were many participants who got so creative with their photos, it has been so much fun to see.

This week’s photo theme is Winding up for Summer!

This shawl is going to match my blouse perfectly

What do you love about the start of summer? Is it the camping trips or other vacations you have planned? The longer days and getting to BBQ outside? Maybe it’s getting out to do some gardening and yard work (if it is will you please come over to my house?? I will make you cake!)?
For me, when I was a kid, I loved that it meant I was out of school and could play outside all day. As an adult I tend to look forward to summer, because it means I’m one season closer to it being Fall. Seriously though, I love the longer days, evening walks as a family, listening to the birds chirping away. Summer is always busy for us. Even thought there is an air of relaxed, I can’t say that we spend hours under a shade tree in a hammock (that would be nice though). It’s a season for getting out and doing.
In yarn related matters I have been doing pretty good with not casting on a hundred projects this week! Trust me I wanted to! Now that I am down to concentrating on 3 projects I am working thru them, which is great. But…You knew there was a but right? Now my mind is flooded with all the patterns I want to cast on.

Now that I have gone thru most of my stash and given the skeins a pattern to call home, I am itching to start all of them! Restraint. Restraining!

However, I am going to cast on one shawl this week. I knew from the moment I saw Naomi’s sneak peeks of her shawl Whispers in the Wind that I wanted to knit it up.

See I have been stashing a yarn called This Girl is on Fire for a while now and when I saw the description for what inspired this shawl, I immediately thought of this yarn.

The shawl was inspired by the lovely rock formations that are found in the Arizona desert and the feeling one gets  when staring out at the vast emptiness that can be found there. The sun setting the sky afire, while the coolness of evening settles around you.

This skein has the perfect coloring for what I was seeing in my mind. When I learned that this shawl pattern was also about over coming fear and not letting the things we fear stop us from reaching out to grab our dreams, I felt instant recognition.

Fear has held me back from following thru on a lot of my dreams. Till this last year when my ever encouraging husband said to me “what did I have to lose”.  He was right.  What did I have to lose??   So I took my first steps towards following my own artistic dreams and they have led me here to this very place.

Now I have a shop and this blog!

It was meant to be. I felt that a shawl about over coming fear and a yarn called This Girl is on Fire, was just the combination to give me a power piece in my wardrobe.

Every time I wear this shawl I want to be reminded of the peace and tranquility one feels when over looking a vast landscape but also reminded of the power it takes to make ones dreams a reality even on the smallest scale.  I want to feel like the girl on Fire…(a little melodramatic?? Maybe, but then again I have always had a flair for drama, just ask my mom).

These two yarns, This Girl is on Fire and Pressed Iris from Woolberry Fiber Co are going to wind up my summer. How is your summer starting out? Check us out at Stash Dive and join us on Instagram to get in on the stash busting, stash enhancing KAL of the summer!!

Happy Knitting


Stash Dive

Hello Friends,

It’s officially summer! Alright tomorrow is officially summer but close enough.

One thing I always looked forward to about summer as a kid was…the POOL!! I couldn’t get enough of the water. In any form. Running thru the sprinkler in the back yard, the lake, the beach! You name it. If it was a body of water I wanted to be in it. Now I have the pleasure of seeing my kids discovering how fun the pool is. My four year old loves to jump off the side and make a big splash.

As an adult I have found the comfort that is air conditioning and the pleasure of my yarn. Though poolside knitting is nice.  This summer I really want to make a splash, literally and in my yarn stash!

How many times have we all said, I will not buy anymore yarn…I will use what I have. I do not need anymore yarn!?

Too many times to count!  Guess what? I. Fail. Every. Time. Oh sure I may be able to hold off and not buy yarn for a month or two. Usually because I know money is tight and it’s the wise thing to do to wait. Boy is it hard.

Picture Via Pinterest

Here is the thing I know telling myself I will never buy yarn again is pointless and not going to happen. There are too many beautiful yarns out there I want to try.

Yarn purchases are a bit of a grey area for me as an aspiring minimalist. That and books. They both bring me joy, so surrounding myself with them makes me happy. I have done the purges and pairing downs. And in a year my stash is always built back up.

I have actually hunted down books I got rid of and rebought them (boy did the book industry make money off of me).

Picture Via Pinterest

Those are my two things I will always be willing to spend money on.  Do I have enough yarn? Yes. Do I need more? That’s a matter up for debate. I have no problem buying all the yarn, but it is going against my minimalist tendencies to just let them sit not being used! In my previous posts I have been discussing using the yarns I have for the summer projects I have lined up.

So what is a girl who wants to buy all the yarn to do? Why dive into her stash and use it to make room for all the other lovelies she wants to buy.

Which brings me to a conversation I had with my friend Naomi about two weeks ago.  Naomi and I were chatting and drooling over some yarn choices offered by Jennifer of Train Track Fiber Designs.  We lamented that we really didn’t NEED to add to the stash. That’s when an idea was born!

We thought how fun would it be to have a KAL held on Instagram, encouraging the use of our stash (totally not a fast rule…ahem *cough* says she who just bought 4 more skeins of yarn today). We also saw this as a great opportunity to connect more with the knitting community! We would call it Stash Dive! A perfect summery name!

Pool Party on Instagram Live June 20th @7pm CST!

What I love about how this KAL is set up, is that it’s not a race to see who finishes a project. It’s truly about the knitting, and the fun themes.

Each week there will be a different photo theme opportunity (it’s how you play and enter for the weekly giveaways and the grand prize at the end).  All the while you will knit on whatever your heart desires.  Though may I recommend checking out some of the patterns from our generous sponsors? They have some really nice patterns. You can learn more about the rules of the KAL and see the sponsor list here.

I hope you will join us! Naomi and I will be sharing tips, pattern and yarn suggestions, and maybe even a few favorite summer recipes on our blogs. I don’t know about you but I love seeing suggestions for yarn and pattern pairings!

Are you ready to dive in?

Happy Knitting,


Cast Off, Cast On

Hello Friends,

I came across my friend Am’s blog post the other week and her words have stuck with me ever since.

Photo via Oyster and Purls

She talked about minimalism( a topic I am rather fond of) and how she felt stuck with her craft. She was wanting to purge her closet and her yarn stash but felt guilty about adding more waste when that was something she was try to reduce. Yet she wasn’t happy because her closet didn’t yet represent what her end goal is. She was lementing that she wanted to cast on a sweater for herself but again was reluctant to because did she really need to add another item to her wardrobe. Go have a read it was such a great post!

Her whole post resonates with me because I too am an inspiring minimalist. I love the ideal behind it. Since becoming a mother it has definitely hit a high point and makes complete sense to me. I have slowly been purging and getting rid of things. Trying not to buy in excess, keepin things simple in our life. Use items till they’re worn out. Buy better quality.

Really I could make a whole other post about this and I will some day. When I can peice together my words and thoughts better. This post is a start I suppose.

Am’s  blog post came along just about the time I had another lightbulb moment. While surfing Instagram a while back, I came across talk about a new  Mystery KAL that would be starting and I thought ooh sounds fun( yet another blog post to come… how I love to join KALS but never finish them). Intrigued I bought the pattern, read the instructions, started thinking of what colors I wanted to use, then reread the intro to the pattern again.
The designer explained that she felt this was going to be something I would love to wear over and over, so when I was choosing my yarn colors to pick something that goes with what I have in my closet. To let it compliment and match key outfits. Woah! Wait!Match my yarn to my clothes?? 

My first pick thru my stash

Yes sad to say this was a new idea to me. Here I have been knitting all this time but never really thought about knitting items to match my wardrobe. I was wandering in a jungle full of beautiful yarn colors and patterns with no map or idea as to my final product. Can we say process knitter? I have been knitting aimlessly. While this is not a bad thing, it was going against my desire to do more in my life with intention.

Which is a Minimalist motto. Have intent with what you are doing. Know why your buying an item or what it will be used for. Can it have multiple purposes? When it came to my yarn purchases they’re usually done with, “Oh look it’s pretty and I love the name I want it”.

To become my Find your Fade Shawl
To be a So Faded Sweater

Following the advice given, I took my yarn stash to my closet dumped everything out and started comparing it to my wardrobe. Turns out bright colors show up in my wardrobe just about as much as they do in my yarn purchases!! The few stragglers I had, I knew could become accessories like mittens, socks or a hat.

Pure Joy Shawl I think
Going to become the Whispers in the Wind Shawl

I tend to favor fall colors red’s and orange’s. Then cool blues!

Definitely a Pure Joy Shawl
To become a Spice Market Shawl

It was exciting to see so many yarns could be paired with so much in my wardrobe, but it me led to wonder what exactly did I want to knit? I did not want to waste my time on making an item I would not wear. In previous years I had mostly knit for others. Gifts and such. Knitting just for me was going to take some thinking.

I started working on my intention with my knitting. What do I want to accomplish? How do I want to use my beautifully acquired stash? I laid out in my last post, my summer knitting goals to knit using from my stash the Find your Fade Shawl and So Faded sweater.

I knew I needed to clean up my WIPS first. Unlike my friend Am who had nothing on the needles, I had too much. Projects were languishing. Nothing was moving along. I had no F.O’s to show for my work. Instead I felt a bit restless. Never knowing what exactly to work on. Fidgeting frim one thing to another.

I went thru my WIPS and frogged the ones I knew I was just no longer into. Either the pattern was not one I would genuinely wear or the yarn color choices were wrong for my wardrobe.  With the frog session I reduced my amount of WIPS in half.

Chunky Fair Isle Hat~ Pattern by KniftyKnittings

This week I finished the baby present I needed to get done, and the chunky triangle shawl that should have been done ages ago but because I wasn’t concentrating I wasn’t knitting on it.

Chunky Triangle Shawl~ Pattern by KniftyKnittings

Now that I have reduced the amount of my projects I find myself relaxing and getting excited to finish more. I hope to keep my projects more mindful in the future, concentrating on just a few at a time, so I can have finished products.

What about you? Do you ever pair your yarn to what you wear or is your stash haphazard? I would love to know your thoughts! With Summer about to be in full swing, I will have some exciting news to share with you that will help you dive into your stash more!

Happy Knitting,


Fading Colors {Review}

Hello Friends,

Here we are in June! How can the year be half over already?? It’s unofficially summer in the mountainous region of Colorado. The days get hot and the nights still cool down. The weeds have grown what seems like over night which means the yard is in desperate need of trimming and mowing. With these nicer longer days comes lots of play outside. The kids are already sporting farmers tans!

I love taking pictures of trees

With summer comes a new array of colors. Green in the trees and grasses. The view of the Mesa is beautiful. There is a mix of greens and browns against the backdrop of gorgeous brilliant blue skies most days.

 Though my favorite view is when it’s about to storm. The dark purple grey clouds form around the mountain leaving streaks of blue in the sky. The air will begin to smell of the hints of rain.

Why am I talking about all the summer colors I see? Other than it makes for some nice conversation. It’s because I am always inspired by color. As I am sure is true for most of you colors can make me feel happy, calm, excited, ready for an adventure or dreamy.  Those are some of my feelings I have when I look at these yarns I recently received from a Yarn club I was apart of a few months back by The Yarn At Home Mom!

Lady Lallybroch, Buttermint, Dragonfly in Amber

Inspired by the books and the tv series Outlander, these yarns not only remind me of what I love about the show, but what I see around me on a daily bases near my home. The beauty that surrounds me. The vivid colors of the hills by my inlaws place. The orchards I get to pass by everyday!

Je Suis Prest

This skein Je Suis Prest reminds me of the vineyard just next to our house. The big leaves a vibrant green and as summer wears on they bear big juicy grapes!

Last years grapes…not yet ripe

Shannon’s yarns are always a delight to get in the mail! Colorful and cheerful. They never cease to amaze me! Always more beautiful in person than in the photo! When I receive my skeins I squish them, pet them and promptly place them in my stash. Knowing one day these special skeins would become something wonderful.

Special Yarn Pile…some of it

Now be honest we all have that pile of special yarn, am I right? You know where you bought it because it’s themed yarn from a favorite tv show or book. Or you participated in an exclusive club. These yarns get automatic,  don’t pass go, straight to the special shelf or basket. We want to make something great with them. So they sit in the basket waiting. Well no more!

Andrea Mowery has made the perfect pattern to make us break out our special yarn to meld into a piece of art!

If you have been following me on Instagram or read my previous posts you may know by now that I love a pattern with a good story. There is something magical in it for me. When I go thru a pattern designers feed to see what they have I am always drawn to what inspired the pattern. Was it color? Something in nature? Or maybe just pure freeing creativity?

It was Color and Creativity that ignited Andrea Mowery’s  Find your Fade Shawl, released in December 2016 (I know it takes me a while to catch on sometimes, though by no means has the love for this pattern cooled in the knitting community).   It’s a beautiful piece of work that melds your yarn colors into a each other. I have never seen such a pretty combination of colors.

I knew as soon as I saw this shawl I needed to make it. It was the pattern I had been searching for without even realizing it. I needed a pattern that so obviously used an array of different yarns. I could finally use all those beautiful special skeins of yarn I couldn’t resist buying, but was never sure what I would knit because they never really go together.

Andrea Mowery has a whole Fade collection happening and it’s all beautiful. Her lastest release is Free Your Fade. Another shawl meant to be knit in any weight and color yarn your heart desires!

In April she released her modern take on the classic Raglan sweater called So Faded!

I have never wanted to knit a sweater as much as I want to knit this one. This is my first sweater I have knit in adult size! Just as she encourages, I went stash diving again  and came up with this lovely combo to make a sweater with.

Top to bottom: Anne of Green Gables, May I have this First Dance, Puffed Sleeve & I Smell Snow

All of these yarns except for Puffed Sleeve is by The Yarn at Home Mom. Puffed Sleeve is by Adelaide Cottage. Shawna captured Anne’s blue Christmas gown with the Puffed Sleeve beautifully. See what I mean about stories? Even my yarn has stories connected with them. It’s why I buy them!

Fall in Portland, Buttermint & Martha Levinson

A few days after I had gone stash diving these beauties arrived in my post box (also from The Yarn at Home Mom…I am a fan and not ashamed!) and while I had not bought them thinking they would go together, the moment I took them from their package I knew they would be my second Faded Sweater! These are the embodiment of what I love in fall colors. I can not imagine my fall wardrobe without them!

My goal is to knit these Fades up this summer so they are ready for me to love and wear this fall/winter. This is my summer knitting right here! I am finishing up any projects I have on the needles currently so I can give these babies my full attention!

What summer knitting plans do you have? Leave me a comment below I would love to know!

Happy Knitting,


Eat Like Gilmore

Hello Friends,

Picture Via Pinterest

How many of us feel this way about Gilmore Girls? I love the Gilmore Girls. They just seem like a fun pair to hang out with while drinking coffee at Luke’s. I thought that from the first time I saw the show. Rory showed me not everyone was the “It Party Girl”.  That it was fine to be the bookworm! Giving me extra confidence to own that part of me. Lorelei, I love for her independence. Sookie makes me want to cook and bake! Their witty banter always makes me smile.

Picture Via Pinterest

The show feels a little like home to me. It doesn’t matter what is happening in my life, what job I have, where I am living. I have Gilmore Girls so it was all good.

Picture Via Pinterest

When I first started to knit I would watch Gilmore Girls because I knew all the lines and characters and I didn’t need to see the tv to know what was happening. Which allowed me to concentrate on learning my new knitting techniques.

At some point I think we can all relate to each character. When  the revival series was released last November I was ecstatic. I had just opened my shop and I knew I wanted to do something Gilmore Girl themed! I was just starting to play with polymer clay and I thought, how great would it be to have a set of stitch markers that are Gilmore Girls themed to have on my needles while I completely binge watch the whole series on Netflix?

Early beginnings

That’s how my first set of stitch markers came to be. I recreated pieces that were iconic to the show or characters themselves. However I knew that wouldn’t be the last I would be inspired by the girls.

As I have refined my charms I improved some of the original pieces from that first set.

I think it’s easy to see by now, if you have been following me on Instagram, that I LOVE food! I love eating it, cooking it( though I have my Lorelei moments where I would rather someone else cook for me). It came very natural to me to recreate in clay form mini versions of foods I love.

I love how Lorelei and Rory eat. Naturally I am envious they could eat that way and still look as great as they do( hey that’s the benefit of fiction right?!).  I have been sharing for the past week on Instagram looks at the new set inspired by how Gilmore Girls eat!

Eat Like a Gilmore

Today I am putting together the finishing touches on “Eat Like a Gilmore” which will be available in the shop tomorrow, June 4th at 4pm MST.

This set has me all heart eyes. It reflects all the foods that we have come to know and love in association to Gilmore Girls. The best part is this set will continue to grow with more food charms inspired by the Girls wonderfully charmed life, full of Fun, Friends, Family and of course Coffee!

Don’t forget to set your a reminder in your calendar for the shop update. There are only going to be a limited amount of sets at this time. You don’t want to miss out! Have a happy weekend!


No so perfectly perfect

Hello Friends,

I have neglected our chats for far too long. Why is it when life gets busy and a bit like riding a roller coaster that one of the first things to go is the chats over coffee with friends?? I know when things get crazy and busy it seems like the lesser important thing in the schedule, yet it’s what helps ground us and maintain our sanity.

I got busy with the shop and trying to balance this new role I had taken on being a work at home mom. Writing got pushed aside. Then I got caught in the perfection trap.  You know where you want just the right words to say. You don’t feel you have anything interesting to share. The knitting projects weren’t happening so I had nothing new to show. Who wants to read about the laundry pile I have had sitting there for 3 days longer than I meant to? So I didn’t write. I didn’t call to grab coffee and just share what’s going on.

Then last week I got a newsletter from my friend Naomi of Sew Knit Create. And she talked about suffering from perfectionism.  How she had neglected her newsletter because of wanting just the right words to say.  She admonished how we needed to get over the feeling of having to have everything perfecttly lined up before we can move forward. That it was, to quote a mentor to both her and I, better to take imperfect action than no action. 

That got me thinking about my little blog here and how I needed to get back to writing. To having our coffee dates even if I felt I had nothing spectacular to write about. It was better to just do it then to not.

Photo via Design Seeds

Like yesterday, I experienced a completely joyful blissful moment that helped me see all of this come together. A friend had stopped by for a quick visit and in the course of our conversation I showed her this photo…inspiration for the living room refresher I have planned.

She  mentioned that it would look great and that our house was just right for us. I started to lement that no, it was too small, it has this and that wrong with it but then stopped short.

Now to be honest I have gone back and forth on this opinion. Some days I think yes it is just right(when I am having my better I am a Minimalist days). Other days we need more room.  Then I think about the day the  kids move out and our house will go from feeling maybe a little too tight to just right again.

I was still pondering on this as I sat outside in the still not finished backyard knitting away while the kids played.

I looked around and at first all I could see was the house that needs painted. New trim I want to add. A pond I want to put in, a deck we would like to build.

The kiddos though don’t see all that. They are happily playing in the dirt where a yard has yet to exist. They are happy. I am happy. The temperature is just right. The atmosphere light.

I thought back to Naomi’s newsletter about waiting for perfect circumstances to start things, or do something. Always waiting for everything to be just right. I am so very guilty of this. But in that moment, everything felt just fine.

The house will get repainted, windows will be replaced, the deck will get built, and the pond will be put in. The house may feel small for now it will always be in an ebb and flow. The day will come when the kids will be gone. And I will have my deck, and pond and think of the quiet I have…and so I want to start our chats over coffee again. Maybe we will talk about Something or Nothing. But one thing is for sure… Sometimes not perfect is perfectly fine!


P.S. Are you like me and like to change your phone wallpaper with the season?? I thought you might enjoy this photo I took showing the transition from Spring to Summer! Enjoy!

Click on photo to download your free phone wallpaper

Be Our Guest

Hello Friends,

It’s March already! My how time has flown. I have been looking forward to March for a couple of reasons.

One it means we are on our way to Spring and I start thinking about all the lovely pinks, minty blues, greens, and purple colors you start to see.

The biggest thing I have been looking forward to about March is Disney’s new release of Beauty and the Beast! This was one of my favorite Disney movies as a kid and still is to this day. I finally got my little girl watching it!  I love that Belle loves to read and that she didn’t start out as a princess. And the songs. I have always loved the music!

Now I confess, when I first heard that this movie was being redone I had my apprehension. I wasn’t sure how I felt about my classic animation going human! But I have loved Disney’s retakes on Cinderella, another one of my favorites, so I knew I had to give this one a try.

The more sneak peeks I see is this movie the more excited I am to go see it!

In anticipation for this movie I have collaborated with Katherine and Sarah, a Mother/Daughter dyeing duo, of Twigs and Twine Yarn Co to bring you an inspired yarn and stitch marker set!

We collaborated together a couple of weeks ago to bring you an amazingly Outlandish set. I will share more of this on a future post. But if you are an Outlander fan I highly suggest you check this out! There are only a couple of sets left!

When Sarah and I talked about doing a collaboration for a Beauty and the Beast Inspiration, we both agreed our favorite thing about Belle was her bookworm ways! We wanted so much to capture that into our favorite fiber art mediums!

“Her nose stuck in a Book” Stitch Marker

I knew I had to make this stitch marker from the scene where Belle is sitting at the fountain reading her book with the Sheep! That’s how this two in one stitch marker came to be!

I love how it turned out!  Using the earring clasp allows it to be a stitch marker and progress keeper all in one. I am always for an item that can serve multiple purposes!

Will you Be Our Guest come March 11th when this set is going to hit the shop??

Joyful knitting,


Espresso Shot

Hello Friends,

Have I been too quiet?? Sorry it’s been a busy couple of weeks! I have found that when I do a shop update, I get a rush of orders( I am not complaining) and that means I am focusing on completing those orders and not writing as much.

That does not mean the ideas are not flowing…cuz they are. I just jot down a few mental notes till I can give my full attention to each topic. And I have a lot of great stuff in the works that I am so excited to share with you! Some of the things just needed a little more time to come together so that I can share it with you!

Snacking on cookies helps with thought processing

I am still finishing up orders but I wanted to check in. Think of this as getting a quick espresso shot with a friend. Speaking of which I have been working on a fun project that I want to share with you!

I had espresso with a “friend” the other day. His name is Earl. He loves coffee as much as I do.

His beverage of choice is the Nutty Irishman. He says the drink reminds him of home and his Friend the Irish Farmer. Earl is a sheep. A knitting sheep to be exact, who happens to enjoy traveling, among other activities, in between his  job of growing wool.

We hung out at my local coffee shop the other day catching up. He loves to hang with my knitting. Makes him feel at home.

He is looking forward to traveling and meeting other knitters in other cities. Try their local coffee shops brews. He hopes they have Nutty Irishman there too.  Will you be taking Earl out with you?

Well back to orders for me! More coming next week! Have a great weekend!

Joyful Knitting,