Have you noticed there is nothing quite like food to bind us to a memory? Your favorite chocolate cake you always had at Grandma’s House. That smooth fudge that only your mom can make just right. Your favorite scone from your local coffee shop you always get on your way to work. Food doesn’t just nourish our bodies it feeds our souls.

Hi! I am Amanda and I started Little Bitty Delights in 2016 as a creative outlet to counteract the crazy that motherhood can bring out in you, but quickly found so much more. I found my dream job!


As an avid knitter and food lover, creating realistic looking miniature food charms for knitters and crocheters to use as stitch markers and progress keepers came like second nature to me.

I am a self-taught polymer clay artist and draw much inspiration from food blogs and gorgeous food pictures found on Pinterest. If I can combine a food with a tv theme that makes everything sweeter.