Meet the Designer: Annie Jensen

Hello Friends,

The year is getting closer to drawing to an end( we are but a mere 9 days away from 2017). I was looking at the calender planning future blog posts and realized I have so many I wanted to write for this year. Alas some are just going to have to wait till the new year to be written. Which is ok! I feel like some posts, like fine wine, turn out better when they have had some time to sit and breath! 

I thought it only fitting that we end the year with one more Meet the Designer post. And this one is so perfectly appropriate as this designer is the biggest reason this lovely blog exists! I want you to meet Annie Jensen! First a little story.

Have you ever had something or found yourself with a collection and you looked around  and things kinda hit you like that song by The Killers “Mr. Brightside”? How does that song started with a kiss and ended up like this… Well that’s kind of how my project bag obsession started! 

I went from zero project bags… Well if you want to count the one funny purse that I found second hand and had been using to hold a current WIP. But I didn’t have an official project bag! That is till I ran into Annie in the same Facebook group we were in. One thing led to another and then we were following eachother on Instagram. Then I tried one of her bags! 

I finally had a proper project bag! It was fantastic! I would just grab the bag when I was ready to head out to do errands or go to the park with the kiddos. My project was now so readily available. No fighting what was in my purse to get to my project. It was a downward slope from there! Suddenly project bags from her shop were leaping into my cart! 

I am super excited about the xlarge bag she made for me! I am currently working on a blanket and I really wanted a way to keep the yarn and project safe from curious sticky fingers! Is it not gorgeous? I am able to fit 17 skeins of Biggo yarn from Knit Picks in this bag! 

I am in project bag heaven. Ok enough about my project bag obsession. It’s time to get to know Annie better the Designer of HKNT Bags and up and coming yarn dyer(can you see that beautiful mint Green yarn above?? Annie’s!) 

Annie Jensen courtesy of Instagram

How long have you been knitting? 

I started out crocheting in 2013 as a way to cope with everything happening in my life. It wasn’t bad but there was a lot going on. I did that for a few years obsessively and in the meantime had my daughter in 2014. 

I was home alone all the time with this baby who only stopped crying to sleep in short spurts. I was so tired and so stressed out that I didn’t have the time or mental capacity to crochet, so I would spend time perusing Ravelry thinking to myself, “I would love to knit but that is way too hard. There is no way *I* could do it.” 

I don’t actually remember what prompted me to pick up the needles, but a year after I was attempting to teach myself to knit and it became obsessive after that. I fell in love with the texture of the stitches, the tools, how well beautiful yarns were showcased. At that point for me, luxury yarn was still purchased at JoAnn. 

Project Bags Instagram

Why did you start making project bags? 

It was actually the podcast Get Lit and Knit on YouTube that piqued my interest. I had been sewing for about 12 years, so I had the experience behind me, but I never really applied sewing to knitting.

It wasn’t until they showed on their podcast the project bags their WIPs were living in that I realized I needed them in my life!! There is nothing like having a sticky, curious kid to make me dread investing in quality, luxury yarns. I wanted luxury yarn SO bad though and project bags solved my conundrum. I could keep my kid AND my yarns, haha! 

Garden Party Instagram

How did you get into yarn dyeing?

Call it mommy amnesia, but I can’t distinctly remember why I got into dyeing yarn.  I think at some point I had realized that I couldn’t afford indie dyed yarns, but I could afford the bare Knit Picks yarn and dye my own. 

So I bought a bundle of bare yarn on a splurge and started dyeing with Kool Aid. I quickly progressed to acid dyes and here I am today!

Annie’s hand dyed yarn Instagram

What do you love about being a Fiber Artist and what do you want to share with the Fiber Community? 

With my business, my artistic venture as I like to think of it, I want to share myself with the fiber community. 

I started because I wanted to connect with people and make some friends, start some conversations and *maybe* if I was lucky make some money along the way. It has turned into so much more than I could have imagined! (Thank you!!)

 From here on I want to continue to follow those themes. I want to give my interpretations to people who appreciate and enjoy what I do. I want to make available what maybe wouldn’t be unless I make it. 

The beautiful thing about art is that no matter how many people do the same thing, or follow the same prompts, art is never the same!  


Annie it was great to get to know you and a little of your story! Thank you friends for stopping by checking out Annie’s story! I encourage you to check out her shop and see if there isn’t something that calls out to you! Now I know it’s on to a busy weekend! Enjoy! Till next week! In the mean time take delight in your knitting!




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