Saturday Coffee 

Hello Friends, 

I had planned to get a post out to you yesterday and then remembered I was doing a shop update and didn’t want the two to compete with eachother! Lol. 

So why don’t we have a coffee break this morning and chat a little while? I don’t have any F.O’s at the moment, but I did start a new WIP! 

Saturday Coffee

Here are the beginnings of the Makariri Shawl designed by Aroha Knits! Frenchie has very beautiful designs! I was excited when I received my newsletter from Aroha Knits announcing the release of this shawl. Her newsletter was titled about how to choose three color combos to make your project SHINE! 

Huh what a coincidence!  I happened to be on the hunt for a pattern that would allow me to use these three yarns…

It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown, Champagne Pools, Sugar Plum Fairy

I had ordered the two purple ones “Champange Pools” and “Sugar Plum Fairy” from Woolberry Fiber Co during her Black Friday sale and turns out I was one of the first five to order that day and won the top skein in the colorway “Its the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown”. I had originally planned a different shawl for the two purple skeins, but when I paired them all together for a photo I thought they played so well together, I wanted a shawl to make using all three! 

Photo from Aroha Knits

So if you are looking for a shawl to use three colors with then go grab the Makariri Shawl. It’s free! 

Here is another WIP I have going. It’s the Reothadh-loath (Hoarfrost) Shawl by Naomi Bruette of Sew.Knit.Create!

Fox Glacier

I chose Woolberry Fiber Co “Fox Glacier” for this project. I felt this color-way just captured the hoarfrost that the shawl was inspired by perfectly! 

I think it’s safe to say that Woolberry Fiber Co Was the Indie Dyer for the month of November! What do you think, would you like to see an Indie Dyer of the month feature? 

Have you refilled your coffee yet? I know I did while writing this! I just have so much to share! Ok finish those last sips while I share a little more! 

I added some little treasures to my stash this last month. One being this sock soap bar from Tuft Woolens

Chocolate Mint

This soap is Chocolate Mint and you guys it is divine! They paired my two favorite flavors into soap! I am ecstatic! I wish you could smell it! 

I also received these adorable stitch markers from a very kind person on Instagram who granted me a yarn wish! They match my work beautifully! A big thank you goes out to you! 

There all done! We made it! Lol. Hey isn’t that what happens when friends get together for coffee? Time flies and we talk about so much! Should we make Saturday Coffee a regular thing? Let me know what you think? Have a great weekend! 

Delight in your knitting!




  1. Mmmmmm my fave ice cream flavor is mint chocolate so I bet that soap does smell divine!!!

    I have a test I’m working on and the sock head slouch hat. Oh and I have to weave in the ends for my Annabel Wrap and then figure out how to block it. I only have small blacking mats lol


    • I also love Mint Chip ice cream! I can’t wait to see your hat done! As for blocking Annabel, can you place her on your bed on top of some towels? That is what I do when i have a larger project and not enough mats!


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