Twice the Joy

Hello Friends,

How did your week go?  Mine went surprisingly fast considering I was not as busy this week. I mean I actually napped with my babies two days in a row, instead of putting them down and then getting up and working. Although I have to say those naps were so good! 

I finished the mittens I told you about earlier this week. They turned out just perfect! 

I tried two at a time knitting for the first time while test knitting these Joy of Christmas mittens! I will never knit one mitten at a time again! It was so nice to have both mittens done pretty much at the same time. 

Is two at a time knitting a new trick to you? Do you find it daunting? I hadn’t really considered it till I was scrolling thru Instagram last week and saw another knitter post a picture and she was working on mittens two at a time. I thought genius! I should do this! So in came trusty YouTube so I could learn how to do two at a time knitting as well! It really is not hard at all. Check out the video that I used to cast on two at a time.

The one thing I kept running into was using the same yarn for the next mitten which was supposed to use the other ball of yarn. I always caught the mistake before completing the round so it wasn’t too hard to fix the problem.
Are you wondering why my needles are two different colors? I picked up a tip from my knitting friend Destiny of Knifty Knittings, that if you use a smaller needle than the size you need to knit with you can move your stitches off the needle faster! Ah life changer right there! This is perfect when working in the round! 

Turns out the pattern I was working off of was perfectly written for two at a time knitting. Though that was a happy accident and  not something Naomi set out originally to do. She had written the pattern so it was easier to read and required less pages or scrolling. By the way have you seen her website lately? It’s just darling. If you sign up for her newsletter you can get a coupon for the Joy of Christmas pattern! Go get that now! I will wait! 
I gave these mittens to my son to keep his hands warm during our walks! He was so excited!! 

I can’t wait to make me a pair so we can be matching!! I received some YOTH yarn as a gift from my FibreShare partner in the Father worsted weight, that I think will be perfect for this pattern! 

Tell me have you gotten any fantastic yarns you are dying to work with?? Leave me a comment, I want to know! 

Have a great weekend!  Delight in your knitting! 



2 thoughts on “Twice the Joy

  1. Ummm….pretty much everything that is coming in the mail! Oh, and thanks for yarn enabling. That yarn from The Yarn At Home Mom is delicious! I cannot wait to get started on it! Oh and Bayview Fiber Arts….CANNOT WAIT!!!! Love all the photos and your piece about the mittens it is very engaging.


    1. I am happy to enable with yarn stash enhancement! I am so glad you love that yarn as much as I do! I can’t wait to see what plans you have in store for it!! I have just loved getting my mail recently! So much good stuff in it lately! Thank you for leaving a comment. I am glad you enjoyed the piece!


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