Victoria Shawl

Hello Friends, 

How is your December so far? Can you believe it’s December already, we will be wrapping up this year soon. It’s all going by so quickly. Right now I am sitting here listening to Manic Monday by The Bangles. A song I always feel is so apropos for Monday.  Do you have a Monday theme song? 

It’s been a little longer than I had planned since we last chatted. Things have been so busy since LaLa’s Cafe! Oh how I wish I could be siting in LaLa’s now.  I really wanted to share an F.O with you before writing another post and well now I finally have one!! Remember this snap shot from a few posts back?? 

Meet Victoria!

When I saw Maggie’s shawl design on Instagram, I was in love. Perfectly lacy. Then when I got to read her description of the shawl…

“Victoria is an elegant woman; she holds herself with pride and confidence. When Victoria walks into a room, all eyes turn to her. It’s not just her beautiful colors or her intricate lace, it’s her aura. Her aura is calming, soothing to the tortured soul, and uplifting to the down hearted…”

Suddenly I was no longer sitting in my living room sipping my coffee. I was transported to a majestic ball room, with crystal chandeliers casting a romantic glow about the room, where dozens of dresses flounced about dancing to the waltz. I was Victoria wrapped in this gorgeous shawl, catching everyone’s eye. I was a lady of high regard, a secret devotion, and for a dash of drama hidden intent. 

 I knew then and there I had to cast on this shawl! It sang to my story telling heart. I was fortunate to be one of Maggie’s test knitters for this beautiful piece. 

I chose to go bold with my shawl and add the intricate lace edging in a garnet red coloring. I love it. I felt like Victoria for her beautiful grace would have an element of shock and awe. A slight daring edge. Thus the red lace. 

 I used Knit Picks Palette yarn in the colors Ash, Mist and Garnet Heather. 

 Though I have to say I really want to knit this shawl again in an indie dyed Merino yarn. That would drape so nicely and feel so yummy. So I am on the hunt for just the right colors for that. I want to know, which way would you go? Bold and daring? Or choose soft and demure for your shawl? 

Speaking of yarn… oh my, this last month I did a bit of stash enhancing. Between Black Friday sales, and fun swaps and giftings on Instagram I got some good yarns. I will have to share that in its own post…it’s so much! 

I have a pair of mittens in the works that I will be sharing with you soon along with a new to me technique. 

Delightful knitting my friends, 




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