Knitting at LaLa’s

Hello Friends,

It’s Friday!! Boy what a week! It’s been good to visit family, despite getting a 24 hour bug that left us all feeling down and out. Our time here is nearly over and time to head back home. 

 My sister surprised me today with plans of leaving our kiddos with Papa and Grandma for a few hours while we stole away to LaLa’s Bakery for a little mom downtime, to catch up with some friends and in my case knit!!

LaLa’s Bakery is an adorable coffee shop that is inside and old renovated bank! The inside is just to die for!  I just want to live here. 

I just love the colors they used inside. It has a great calm vibe! A perfect knitting place! They had coffee beans under the counter at the coffee bar!

Their pastries are just gorgeous to look at and they bake them all in house! We could smell the baking of cupcakes wafting over to our corner as we sat and enjoyed our coffee! 

They even left the old bank vault in place! I couldn’t resist getting this coffee mug when I saw it! It’s snowflake perfection! 

They filled it with Peppermint White Mocha and whipped cream for me! Sooo good! 

While on this outing my Hill Country Day Tripper Hat made its first public debut, and was immediately complimented on by the Barista! 

This is one of the test knits I told you about last month that I had in the works! I am so happy with how it turned out.

 It’s a fun knit and working with Melanie’s yarn from Go Knit Yourself was lovely. This hat is light weight and airy. Go nab the pattern for yourself! If you sign up for Assorted Musings newsletter you get special discounts for when she releases her patterns! 

My other test knit I finished up was the Whirigig Wrist Warmers by Naomi Bruette. Remember her from the Meet the Designer post? Well she released her second pattern last week and it’s a great stash buster. 

These gloves keep my hands so nice and toasty! I am already thinking of a few family members that will be getting some as gifts! 

That pretty much wraps up the happenings of this week. What items have you finished and gotten off the needles? Share them with me over on Instagram with #littlebittydelightsblogprojects. I would love to see what you have going on! 




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