I will knit in the Train…I will knit in the Rain.

“I will knit on a boat, I will knit with a Goat, I will knit in the Train, I will knit in the Rain, I will knit with a Fox, I will knit in a Box, I will knit with a Mouse, I will knit in a House, I will knit Here or There, I will knit Everywhere!”
Hello Friends, 

I love this quote! It’s so accurate! Are you having a lovely weekend? I hope so! I am currently traveling to visit my family! 

I am taking the ever so romantic form of travel and going by train. I think it’s romantic. Maybe more so if I could be wearing an 1800’s period outfit and traveling in a steam engine… I digress. 

I’m off to visit family, and my sister came over yesterday by train just to get me so that I would have help with the kids! I totally put off packing as usual till the last minute. Mainly because these little guys are of no help to me in the packing department! 

While trying to decide what to pack I knew exactly all the projects I wanted to take! I always pack way more books, yarn and more yarn than clothes! I can always reuse shirts and pants, but I may run out of projects to knit and books to read! Because I am sure I develop super powers when I go on vacation and I’m going to finish 6 projects and the 1000 page novels I brought!

Do you think you develope vacation superpowers and think you are going to have time to finish everything you brought to finish? 



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