Brown Paper Packages

Hello Friends,

How did your weekend go? Mine went by too fast as always. Is it just me or does Monday feel so rough because you are pulling everything together from the weekend? My Monday’s always seem to consist of doing what I didn’t get to from the weekend, kind of like cleaning up from the after math of a storm. Know what I mean? 

Enough of that. I have exciting news to share!! I opened my Etsy Shop over the weekend. That’s right Little Bitty Delights is now on Etsy. It’s an amazing rush! Honestly feels better than I thought it would. If you have a moment go take a peek! 

If you follow me on Instagram you will have seen that I got some happy mail over the weekend!

 I have kept you in suspense long enough I will share with you now what was in the brown paper package!!


My yarn from Go Knit Yourself came in for the hat test knit I told you about last week. I bought the color way Northern Lights and it’s just beautiful. So bright and down right cheerful in my opinion! I can not wait to show you how this pairs up with the other skein in the Silver Fox color way! 

I love that Melanie is so thoughtful in her yarn dying process. She uses sustainable yarns from a small farm that is committed to keeping operations environmentally friendly, caring about nature and sustainability. She dyes with low impact acid dyes for less chemical exposure and waste. I love all of this about Melanie’s yarns and process because it’s something I value in wanting a simple sustainable lifestyle. That is a topic I would love to share more with you on in another post another day. 

My other happy mail delivery was sock yarn I ordered from Fingers of Fury

I feel this yarn just captures the bright and deep hues of fall. I love the name of the color way too, Exploding Tardis. Which delights my inner nerd self to no end. 

I chose the Exploding Tardis to be the yarn for the KAL for the Sunlit Autumn Shawl. 

That’s it for now. Stay tuned later in the week for the Designer of the Month post with Naomi Bruette. 

❤️ Amanda


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