Focus on Today

Hello Friends,

I have had a nice little break the last couple weeks, where I got to knit and watch my favorite shows. Now 2018 is here and it’s time for me to get back to the studio and bake up wondrous treats.

Over the last month, you have seen me post on Instagram about my goals and desires for what I want to accomplish this year. Simplifying and being intentional is definitely top on my list for how I want to guide things.

After much thought, I realized if I had to pick a word for 2018 to follow, I would say it’s Focus. I love how this poster I plan to frame captures my thoughts. I want to focus on each day, not just rush thru them. I want to be focused on my knitting projects as well as shop happenings.

I can only successfully simplify, be intentional and steadily grow if I am focused. I’m going to try really hard not to be distracted by all the knitting patterns I want to cast on (that’s what the queue is for), or getting caught up thinking I need to do something like someone else because I “think” they are doing better than I am. I want to focus on bringing you quality content over quantity. I may not post on Instagram every day or have weekly blog posts (though it’s a hope of mine), but I hope when I do share something, you find it joyous, uplifting, helpful and inspiring!

Here is to focusing on the possibilities. I would love to hear if you have a word or motto your using for 2018, leave me a comment below or my Instagram post.

Happy Knitting,



Dreaming of 2018

Hello Friends,

Here we are and December has flown by quick. I like this time of year, not just because of the snow flurries (which we have seen very little of), but because it’s a good time to reflect on the year that’s gone by and the year to come.

This year has been more than I ever imagined it would be. Most of that all good, with a few growing pains. The opportunities I had this year to grow my creative business, working with knitters and designers has really been some dreams come true. So much so I had to really think just what I was dreaming up for the new year.

One thing I learned from this year was that I want to go into 2018 with much clearer plans and goals. That way I am doing way less thinking on my feet and at the last minute.

I have been following Hanna Lisa’s blog and Instagram feed for a while now, but as soon as I realized that I needed a little help with organizing and planning I kicked things up a notch. First by joining her Patreon where she offers creative business tips.

Next I participated in her Kick Butt in 2018 challenge, which is took place the first week of December.

She started off by having us write down all our dreams for 2018! What stars do we want to reach for?

What am I dreaming about for 2018??

• I dream of writing more and sharing my knitting story better

• I dream of designing knitting patterns

• I dream of going to knitting events and wool retreats

• I dream of my business paying for me to go to those events

• I dream of living more intentionally

Now to make those dreams into reality! Today’s challenge is to take those dreams and turn them into goals.

Based off that list my 2018 Goals look like this:

• Regular Blog Posts sharing my story

• Design at least one knitting pattern

• Publish at least one knitting pattern

• Go to Our Maker Life Event

• Go to a Wool retreat

• Have planned, structured, ready to ship updates in the shop.

All of this lined up well with my desire to live more intentionally. Next we had to break down all the actions we would be required to do in order to accomplish each dream and goal. From that list we took a print out for the calendar year and wrote in all premise plans or set dates for 2018 and filled the rest with the goals we laid out earlier.

I have a new gorgeous planner that lets me plan quarterly and then break everything down weekly.

I look forward to meeting more knitting and writing goals this new year.

What dreams/goals do you have for 2018?

Happy Knitting,


Friday Favorites

Hello Friends,

Did you know it was National Vanilla Cupcake day? Ya I didn’t either. But that didn’t stop me from whipping up a batch of fluffy vanilla cupcakes and then practicing my “Georgetown Cupcakes Signature Swirl” move! The kids weren’t complaining either!

Since it is National Vanilla Cupcake Day I thought I would share a couple of my favorite recipes with you.

First off of you are in the mood to make cupcakes from scratch, Sally’s Baking Addiction has a couple of fantastic recipes to try out.

The vanilla frosting I made though, is my absolute favorite! Dubbed the Perfect Vanilla Frosting by Beyond Frosting you can find the recipe here.

I love that this frosting is literally the base you need for any flavor of buttercream frosting you could want (except chocolate that is a different recipe all together!).  Leave it as vanilla, or add a different extract and food coloring the sky’s the limit with this.

I love doing roses on my cupcakes, because it makes them look pretty. But for this Vanilla Cupcake I wanted to keep the frosting simple and use the chance to really perfect my “Georgetown Swirl”. You have seen the Georgetown Cupcakes right! They are gorgeous!!

I think mission accomplished.

Now that I shared with you my favorite Cupcake And frosting recipes let’s see what else has me excited this week.

Photo from Instagram

I have felt a little blah in the dinner making department lately so when I Ree Drummond’s new book Come and Get It, I had to get it. I am looking forward to pulling together flavorful dinners in a short time. Because as the title implies we have crazy busy lives.

My hubby shared with me this Acapella group Pentatonix on You Tube. Their video singing  Hallelujah is beautiful – just listen to them your gonna love it. Then check out there other songs.

I have been loving reading Hanna Lisa’s blog lately. She has been talking to my soul lately. She writes for creative bosses, shares her own creative journey and is the other half of Making Stories! She is an inspiration!

Today also starts the Wonder Woman KAL hosted by Jessica Anderson Designs! This is going  to be a fun pattern to knit up!

That sums up my Friday Favorites! Happy Friday everyone, have a good weekend!


Wooly Wednesday: I am Wonder Woman

Hello Friends,

I am starting a new weekly series called Wooly Wednesday. I thought it would be a fun way to share with you what projects I have on the needles or just finished up. Or maybe, if my needles are lacking a project (when does that happen?), sharing favorite patterns that I have on my wish list to knit.

For this week I have an fun F.O for you, a KAL and a giveaway (so read to the end so you can enter the giveaway)!

As a wife, mother and business woman things can get crazy at my house. The days can speed by in a blink. There are days where I feel pretty spectacular, I’m not gonna lie. Those days my tiara never slipped, my hair kept its place and my uniform was spotless! Then there are days I’m in the corner going on day 3 of the same outfit, eating all the potatoe chips and chocolate bars, wondering whose kids are these anyway and can I afford a housekeeper?

Those are the days I need a little secret reminder that I am Wonder Woman. That I can use the lasso of truth on my kids, deflect any flying bullets of harm from them, muscle my way thru the laundry and dishes and not break a sweat.

I got my secret reminder with a dose of style in  this amazing cowlette by Jessica Anderson Designs.  I am Wonder Woman.

 As soon as I saw Jessica’s call for test knitters for her new design, I messaged her immediately hoping to get a spot. One of the first things to catch my attention about this piece, besides its Wonder Woman theme, was that it used mini skeins.

Despite my not being a major sock knitter I have managed to amass a small army of mini skeins in my stash, and I have been wanting to find projects for them.
I can not wait to do more color combinations with this design, but for this first go round I really wanted to stay true to the Wonder Woman theme as I could. I am so happy I was able to pull it off!

I am just thrilled with how this came out.
I was so inspired I made a progress keeper to go with it. I think it works well as a little piece of shawl jewelry too! Don’t you think so?

Yes little Wonder Woman cupcakes will be coming to the shop

This piece starts off simply enough with stockinette stitches and some color work stripes. The fun part is the star stitches. It adds a fun texture and element to the cowl. Not to mention squish factor!

I am not one to usually like wearing something close to my neck because I tend to get too warm, however, due to the lightweight nature of this design I do not mind at all that it is close to my neck.

Now you want to know how to get in on the fun too right?! I am glad you asked. Jessica is hosting a KAL for the release of this lovely pattern and it starts on Friday November 10th! Check out her Ravelry group for all the details! She has a coupon code WWKAL for $1 off the pattern right now! My friend Jennifer of Yarntasia has a deal going on with the minis in her shop. Use code WWCOWL to receive $4 off an order of 4 minis! Also check out her bags while you are there. I love them.

Jessica has so generously offered one of my readers a pattern for free! One person will be randomly selected to win a Free copy of this pattern and the inspired progress keeper from me, so you can get in on this KAL and Fun! Just leave a comment below on the blog, telling me what makes you feel like Wonder Woman, what colors you want to knit this design up in and what your Instagram name is. A winner will be selected by RNG on Friday morning I will notify you by Instagram that you have won!

Happy Knitting,


Beginner Knitter’s Shawl {Review}

Hello Friends,

I have neglected my little blog here and I am sorry for that. Seems it’s the easiest thing to drop when life starts to get a little crazy. But since we are only 62 days away from New Years (really where has this year gone?) I have already set my New Years Resolution to write more often and consistently, because I do so enjoy sharing my little adventures here with you.

If you are a beginner knitter then I have a treat for you!

I can not believe I have not shared about the Daylight Fading Shawl  I had the  pleasure of test knitting late this summer.  Time sure flies when you’re having fun (or when you are so busy you are not sure if you are coming or going). To be fair I did share about the pattern on my podcast which you can catch here.

Daylight Fading Shawl is by Destiny Meyer of KniftyKnittings. This is one of just a couple of  finger weight patterns she has.  She most normally creates squishy delightful thick and quick hat and other accessory patterns. While this pattern may not be bulky it does not lack in squish factor. She originally used yarn from Noble Character Crafts. Amy’s yarn is just beautiful, from the colors she uses to the names she  chooses.

I worked my Daylight Fading Shawl up in The Yarn at Home Mom’s yarn in the Autumn in Portland and Buttermint color ways.

I felt like I was knitting fall with these yarns. This was a simple mindless knit. Which is perfect for lots of knitflixing, especially if you are an advanced knitter looking for something easy.

However this shawl is perfect for a beginner too! If you are new to knitting and the only thing you know how to do at this moment is Knit and Purl then you can do this shawl! This shawl is done entirely in garter stitch (or just knit) and increases on one side only making it easy to remember where you are. I feel this is a great pattern to make for your first shawl!

Despite the pattern being all in garter stitch, something I tend to find boring, I loved the end results and know it contributed to the shawls squish factor .

In the end I gave the shawl to my mom, who I knew would love it. I already have another in the works for my sister!

After hers then I will make myself one! Mmm what color to choose? Something teal maybe?!


What the KAL

Hello Friends,

The first clue for Andrea Mowery’s What the Fade Mysetery KAL dropped yesterday.  I have all my yarns caked up and ready to go.

And then… What the KAL?! I came across another great looking KAL, I think I will join. Oh and look at this one!

Let me ask you. How do you feel about KALs? I LOVE them. I readily join several KALs at once because I manage to delude myself into thinking I can some how manage 4 KALs in a month. With. No. Problem.  Can we count the number of reasons why this will not work shall we?

  1. Mom to two munchinks
  2. Mom Boss building my own brand and shop
  3. Said munchkins and their daddy like to eat. I am the chef around here.
  4. I can only let the house work and laundry slide for so long.
  5. Apparently I need to sleep sometimes in order to function.

How is that for reality bursting my happy knitting bubble?! That being said I have yet to actually finish a KAL. I have yet to finish 4 knitted items in a month. Ok maybe if it’s baby hats, knit in chunky yarn! Then I have. But no way have I yet to finish a lace shawl in a month let alone 4.

I just get so excited when I see a new KAL. I love themes. Give me a movie or tv show themed KAL, deliciously dyed yarn, a great pattern and show me the dotted line! I can’t help myself. However I never complete the KAL. I never have a F.O at the end of the time frame.

Tell me what do you think is important to get from a KAL? Is it just the initial joy of picking your yarn and being part of the group? Or is it to actually complete the KAL? I think both are great!  I want to some day actually finish my item in the time frame of the KAL (perhaps when the kids are in school). But for now I think I will just keep enjoying the excitement that comes with the buzz of a new KAL.

Happy knitting… oh look an Outlander KAL…


Letter from a Lover


I see you sitting in your favorite corner cuddling with your new love. Caressing your yarn. Holding it close. I remember when you used to hold me like that. Your hand on the small of my back. Your fingers dancing across me in delight. I remember when your mouth would curve up into that small smile as you discovered something new. Or the tears that would dot your cheeks at the sad tale I had to tell. 

We used to have so much fun you and I. Inseparable we were. Where you went I could be found. Now you carry on with something new. Can you really get more from Mr Yarn than from me? Can yarn take you on exciting adventures thru history? Sweep you off your feet with epic romances?

I sit sadly here in my corner looking at you longingly wondering if you will ever hold me like that again. Instead of collecting dust. 

I just want you to know I miss you. 


Your Book

I found this note pinned to my yarn stash this morning. There might be a problem.

Looks like I could stand to spend more time with my books. The struggle is real people. It’s very real!

Happy Knitting,


Nido Shawl {Review}

Hello Friends,

I started my Nido Shawl in April when my friend Kam of Handknitbykam was looking for test knitters for her first shawl design. I was going to be having surgery and thought this would be an excellent, “I’m recouperating I need an easy knit” project. I was not disappointed.

I chose BayStreet Yarns Garden Party for the main color (the minty speckled color on the left) and Lorna’s Laces Peach for the second color in fingering weights. Working with Garden Party was a dream. I adore the main mint color and everytime a fleck of color, appeared I just smiled.

These colors are perfect spring/summer colors. Though honestly they are my favorite so I will wear this year round! Who wouldn’t want a flash of something bright when winter grey is making them blue?

As I finished this shawl, I realized that this is my first shawl done in hand dyed yarn. It has only been in the last year that I came to know of the wonderful world of hand dyed yarn and I am completely hooked. I actually purged most my big box store yarns because I knew I did not care to work with them anymore. I only want to make lovely things with lovely yarn.

I used my size 40″ US 4 Chiagoo needles for this shawl. I used up every bit of my 463 yards of my main color Garden Party.

This crescent shaped shawl is great for a beginner knitter who is looking to advance their skills. The main body of the shawl is done in garter stitch and finished with a lovely lace border and picot bind off. A great pattern for that knitter that wants to get introduced to lace knitting. If you are an advanced knitter familiar with lace knitting then this pattern will be a relaxing knit.

I love that this shawl can take a casual outfit up a notch. I even wore it out on my Anniversary dinner. It just happened to match my cocktail!

Whether you plan to wear this out on an evening on the town or for the school pick up line, I am sure it will be the accessory you will grab for time and time again.

Happy knitting,


Simply Bright and Happy

Hello Friends,

It’s Friday and I thought it was time I did a #fridayintroductions 💕!

Have you noticed a few changes? The space has brightened up a bit more.  Have you been following my Instagram feed and noticed a bit of ebb and flow in my postings?

Lately I have been trying to figure out just what my “style” is. Maybe it’s my business having a few growing pains. Maybe it was me not being confident in what I was doing? Or maybe I just wasn’t embracing fully all that I am.  My mom didn’t call me Rosey Bubble for nothing!

Then it dawned on me…much like it did for Anne in Anne of Avonlea (did I mention I speak fluently in movie quotes?).

Photo Via Pinterest [/caption]<

All I needed to do was look around me for my style. It surrounds me in my home. My style is my kids streaking by in a house that looks like a bomb went off in it ( I call it Kid Chic, it’s all the rage in the Motherhood). My style is my aqua painted walls and aqua accessories which can be found ever where.

Well here it is what I bring to the world…

• Hi I’m Olaf and I love warm hugs…wait… that’s not right! Those tissue poms behind me? I made that!

I’m Amanda Jean and I Make things!

• I’m not overly fancy, though I do love some sparkle.

• I love Pizza. Seriously we have it at least once a week.

• I watch musicals when I’m sad. Ok really any time. But they make me so happy when I’m sad.

• I love milk duds on my popcorn and a glass of milk

• I like to make people happy. If I cracked you up or made you smile I consider my work done.

• I really get a thrill out of making tiny realistic treats that end up making you drool 🤤…I don’t know if that is a superpower or my inner villain showing thru muaaahha!

Look tiny realistic treats and my favorite colors in yarn! Bold aqua/teal/turquoise/mint add a splash of pink and I’m all set!

• To quote Lorelei “My babbling capabilities are infinite”…I have been perfecting that since I could talk.

•I laugh out loud when I read funny parts in a book. I get strange looks.

• My kitchen is for dancing just as much as it is for baking

• I’m terrified of high decks. I’m afraid I will fall through them.

• That fear might be rational as I fell through one as a kid and the trauma has scarred me.

• I made a deal with my Husband: he kills and throws away any mice that may enter our home and I change all the dirty diapers.

• I’m the girl you love to grab coffee with and chat about the latest happenings.

• I’m a romantic.

• In any movie my favorite part is always the kiss. So much is said in a kiss. It can be soft. Gentle. Sweet. Passionate. It’s a promise. It’s the spark.

That’s all I have for now! But that’s 17 things that maybe you didn’t know about me! Tell me what are the wonderful things you bring to the world? Till next time my wonderful friends!

Happy Knitting!